Lawn Maintenance

15th December, 2014

I have a lawn maintenance company at my house pretty much all year round, that is how I met my fuck buddy. He very intelligent, great looking and he has a dark tan all summer long.

His company has been great to me because they do a fall and spring clean up in my yard. They will remove all the branches, leaves, trash and any other debris that somehow always end up in my yard. My yard in the summer always looks very green, thick and full, my neighbors are always so jealous of how great my yard looks.

The company comes out about once a week to cut my grass and fertilize it when needed. During the winter months, they come and shovel my snow, plow my driveway and throw salt down in the iced up area.

I thank my buddy all the time, we spend a lot of time with each other!

Instant Flirting

12th December, 2014

I was interested in booking a session with an escort because I had been very lonely. Being that I had never done this in my life I did not know a reputable company or agency to call. A friend of mine had used the London escort agency in the past and I know that he had a really great experience. I figured I would give them a call and see if there was a female companion available for that night. There was and I was so excited!

She arrived at 7 pm and was dressed amazing showing lots of legs! Instant flirting and kissing started right when she walked into the door. We never made it to my bedroom and ended up on the couch for 2 hours straight. When she left she gave me her business card and said to call her again at anytime. My next appointment with her is today and I can’t wait!

A Walking Mess

11th December, 2014

It is my first vacation in over two years and for once I am having fun and relaxing. I came to the Harrogate area to get away from my work and home life. Both of which have become very stressful over the past few years. I did not bring anyone on my trip with me because it is a time for me to release stress and anything else that is on my mind. If anyone else was to come, it would just be extra baggage on my back that I do not need. The only person that is disappointed with my little vacation is my sister. We were supposed to go to Derby escorts together for a date, but it never happened. I feel bad in a way, but if I did not get out of the state when I did, I would be a complete disaster. Stress can take a toll on a persons body and mind, and I just wasn’t ready to become a walking mess.